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conflict - scaling peace

Conflict isn't bad. But the way we handle it usually is.


We believe that if each person approached conflict as an opportunity to learn more about each other, build better relationships, and come up with creative solutions, we could use conflict as a constant catalyst for positive social change.

Conflict Has Gotten a Bad Rap

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Because conflict shouldn't be so prickly.

conflict skills for Changemakers & Innovators 

We believe in the changemakers, the trailblazers, the risk-takers, and the trouble makers...because you move us forward.


And when bold individuals have conflict transformation skills, you lead change, prevent violence, and transform our communities for the better.



Equip Innovative Leaders


Support Resilient Communitieis


Spark Positive Social Change

Brining Reconciliation

to South Africa

Holding dialogues between blacks, whites, Indian and and colored communities in post-apartheid South Africa.


Community in Morocco

Promoting community building and intercultural mediation between Moroccan nationals and Sub-Saharan refugees.


Mediation in Croatia

Assisting judges, lawyers, and local actors to normalize nationwide awareness and access to mediation.


Refugees in the Amazon

Using intercultural mediation skills to integrate refugees into their host communities and minimize security threats.

Connecting DivideS in the United States

Applying dialogue and facilitation skills to heal and rebuild police relations in diverse communities.


At-Risk Youth in Belize

Developing life-skills curricula for at-risk youth in Belize to build leadership capacity and conflict resolution skills.

Bringing Innovation to Social Change


We bring the power of technology to the field of conflict. Applying key principles of social entrepreneurship, we create products that spark scalable, sustainable social impact. Now, you can learn transformative conflict skills - and make the world a better place - wherever you are.


As you invest in your ability to transform conflict, you invest in changemakers around the world to do the same. For every program you purchase, we equip a changemaker from a community in conflict.


Social entrepreneurs are society's change agents. They are creators and innovators that disrupt status quo and transform our world for the better. 

When You Invest in You...

When you purchase one of our trainings or toolkits, you join the fight against destructive conflict around the world.

...You Invest in the World.

The money from our digital products goes to fund our physical work in pre-conflict, active conflict, and post-conflict zones on the ground.

Making Conflict Literacy 

Accessible to everyone

The problem is that conflict is universal, but peace feels inaccessible. Most people won't become U.N. diplomats, or spend four years in a formal institution to learn peace education. But every person on the planet needs these skills. Especially changemakers and trailblazers. So we bring the power of technology and online platforms to build bridges and cross divides. 

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Bridging Generations

We use digital platforms to connect young change-makers with seasoned mentors.


Bridging Industries

We use online training to expand conflict literacy to people from all industries and all sectors. 



Bridging Communities

We use social media strategies to identify and respond the needs of local communities around the world.


Access Our Free Resources Today!

Get instant access and learn the Ten Core Competencies of Conflict Literacy. 

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