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Breaking through conflicts and creating opportunities.

Our mission is to transform the way the world handles conflict.

As you invest in your conflict-transformation skills,

you equip local communities around the world to do the same.

The Benefits of Conflict Competency

Save Valuable Time 

Save Substantial Money & Resources

Forge Creative Solutions & Collaborative Problem Solving

Achieve Better Results & Greater Compliance

Build & Preserve Important Relationships

Build Strong Teams & Great Communication

the Core Competencies 


(Free Access)

These Ten Core Competencies of Conflict Literacy emerged from the collective wisdom leading thinkers, innovators, and practitioners in the conflict transformation field.


For every conflict program you buy, 

we will equip a changemaker from a community in conflict.

The Conflict Clinic


(8 Week Program)

This is an in-depth, online course in creative conflict resolution. You'll learn how to respond to conflicts constructively, build stronger relationships, and spark positive personal, professional, and social change. 

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