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Conflict Clinic

Because conflict skills are key to a better future.

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Transform The Way You Live and Work 

Conflict is a leading source of unhappiness.

If left unresolved, conflict can lead to chronic stress and anxiety. If it's poorly resolved, it can lead to alienation, depression, and broken relationships. And that's a terrible way to live.

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A Comprehensive 8-Week Online Program

This is an in-depth, online course in creative conflict resolution. You'll learn how to respond to conflicts constructively, build stronger relationships, and spark positive personal, professional, and social change. 

The Impact is Endless

Save Valuable Time 

Increase Mental Health

Save Money & Resources

Achieve Better Results 

Build & Fix Relationships

Create Positive Change

This is So Much More than

peace, love, & lollipops

Peace is not a passive process. It's not draped in pastel colors or strings of flowers. It is bold, dynamic, innovative, and creative. It will force you to abandon your comfort zone, break the monotony, and challenge status quo. Conflict is easy. Peace is genius.

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You'll learn the five stages of conflict and the neuroscience that drives your reactions, so that you can shift gears, regain control, and respond to conflict constructively.

Module 1
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You'll understand the three forms of engagement so that you can use the most effective approach, to transform your opponents into partners, and create more of what you want. 

Module 2


You'll learn the differences that drive us, so that you can engage those differences effectively, move a conversation forward, and navigate prickly personalities and bad behavior.

Module 3
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You'll learn the five-part framework to to exercise assertiveness effectively, so that you can express your concerns and frustrations without inflaming the person or situation.

Module 4
Assertive - Scaling Peace.jpg
Power Games - Scaling Peace.jpg


You'll learn the bases, dynamics, and tactics underlying power games, so that you can change the way you engage, and create a positive cycle of growth, feedback, and solutions.

Module 5


You'll learn to decipher the messages your emotions are telling you, so you can use those messages for positive change and productive engagement with others and their emotions.

Module 6


You'll uncover the baggage and biases from your past that keep you stuck in predictable cycles, so that you can move past your trauma and and find a new willingness to resolve conflicts.

Module 7
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You'll learn how to transform conflicts through conflict mapping, so that you can create a common vision, generate creative options, and select sustainable solutions.

Module 8
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Conflict is easy.

PEace is Genius.

Don't be easy. Be a genius. Your mom will be proud.

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